Pleated dolman sleeve dress - Style#D03BT

Wrinkle/Size free pleated diagonal dress has a flared shape with a round neckline, a button.
Pleated clothes are very light and breathable. When worn in the summer, the pleated fabric has less area touching the skin, making it cool. If you wear it underneath in winter, it has a lot of air content, so you can maintain body temperature well.
Pleated clothes are light, it is good for styling by layering several pleated clothes. Express your personality with a variety of colors and styles
*Fabric: 100% Polyester
*Size: S/M covers S/M/L, L covers XL/XXL/3XL
*Storage method: Do not hang on a hanger, but roll in the direction of the crease and store.
*Do not bleach and machine wash and dry flat.
*Imported from China
Brown Khaki
Deep Orange

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